London Marathon Theme Tune

Steve has been endurance running for many years. His favourite race is the london marathon which he has run seven times all in fancy dress.

Steve has raised many thousands of pounds for various charities. Below are some images, keep scrolling down to see them all.

Please dont blush with this first photo!

I was a bit worried about the my friend on the left in red, he chased me round for 26 miles



I was itching all the way round wearing that beard. The costume below was designed by a pupil from our local primary school




I ran this won with’ Deano’ we met for the first time on the way to the marathon, we ran all the way together and have remained friends ever since




for some reason I have lost the Photos for the 2002 marathon but the time was ok just under 4 hours




Well, it has been said many time that I am a bit of a joker, but wearing this outfit for 26 miles was no joke









My last marathon before I got arthritus, I was 48 this year and run a personal best time of 3:21:43


lost my hat somewhere, check out the photo below that was in the local press



The Cornishman newspaper